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On the 28th March 2013, The Minister at Prime Minster Departement Malaysia, Hon.  Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom officially launched the IQS -Islamic Quality Standard For Hotel, at Universiti Teknoloji Mara, Malaysia Shah Alam City, Malaysia. Also present during the event were Dato' Prof Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, Chairman of UCSC - Universal Crescent Standard Center of Malaysia, Assoc. Prof Dr. Nor'ain Othman Deputy Dean [Research and Industry Linkages] UiTM. Prof. Shaya'a Othman was unable to attend, because he was in Istanbul, attending other event. 


The IQS-Islamic Quality Standard for Hotel was the research work of  Prof. Shaya'a Othman and Assoc. Prof. Dr Nor'ain Othman. The research was jointly being supported by Universiti Teknoloji Mara [UiTM] and Universal Crescent Standard Center [UCSC]. This IQS was later adopted by UCSC as a mechanism  to measure the standard of Hotel, which is operating in accordance the Islamic Principles, all over the world.

According to Prof. Shaya'a, in the introduction of the book, that the formulation of this IQS-Islamic Quality Standard For Hotel, while taking the quality of physical facilities provided by the hotel, and the quality of itsservices to the customers, it is also taking into consideration how the hotel conformed to the Islamic principles such as alcoholic beverage is not available or served in the hotel premises, and all foods served are “halal”. 

These basic requirements under Islamic principles are the perquisites for a hotel to be considered under IQS-Islamic Quality Standard. Other factors such as separate summing pools or spa for male and female, Muslims prayer facilities such as prayer rooms, and mosque are important measurements for IQS- Islamic Quality Standard.  

It is hope that IQS-Islamic Quality Standard For Hotel, will become useful guide line for those who wish to become a “Muslim friendly” hotel, and be considered under various classifications from IQS-1 to the very top of IQS-7 under this IQS-Islamic Quality Standard classification.

The Hon Datuk Seri Jamil Khair showing to the Audiences the Book, IQS-Islamic Quality Standard for Hotel,. during the launching of the book,. Also present during the event was Dato' Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim,Chairman of UCSC.

Dato Prof. Dr. Ismail Ibrahim, Chairman of UCSC, in his opening remark at the ceremony stressed the important point that the work of Professor Shaya’a Othman and Associate Professor Dr. Nor’ain Othman in formulating IQS-Islamic Quality Standards for Hotel Industry creates the interest of UCSC, to publish it as well as to adopt it, as a guideline of measuring and classifying levels of quality for hotels, not only in Malaysia but also all over the world.

Mr . Fadil AKGUNDUZ, The Group Chairman of Caprice Group receiving
the Award of IQS - 7 Crescent , the highest award under the
Islamic Quality Standard for Hotel. CAPRICE GOLD PALACE ISTANBUL
is the first hotel in the world to receive such an award.
The award was presented by H.E. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.
Prof Dr. Ismail further mentioned that during The1st International Islamic Tourism Standard Conference (IITSC) which was held at the World Trade Center Kuala Lumpur on 5- December 2012, UCSC adopted the IQS to award hotels who are operating in accordance to Islamic Principles. 

This conference was jointly organized by Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), and Universal Crescent Standard Center  [UCSC] supported by Islamic Tourism Center, Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB]

UCSC awarded CAPRICE GOLD PALACE OF ISTANBUL  the highest award of IQS 7 Crescent Standard, the first in the world to receive this award. Also under the same Caprice Group, the CAPRICE THERMAL PALACE, resort hotel at Didim, Turkey, received IQS 5 Crescent. also the first Resort Hotel in the world to receive such award. The Grand Blue wave Hotel, Shah Alam, Malaysia was awarded the IQS  3 Crescent, and De Palma Ampang, received the IQS 2 Crescent. 

Assoc. Prof. Dr Nor'ain Othman is seen here receiving a Certificate of Appreciation
from Hon. Minister on the excellent work of formulating Islamic Quality Standard for Hotel. Similar Certificate of Appreciation was also given to Prof. Shaya'a Othman in his absence [He was away in Istanbul attending other meeting]. 


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